Year Round*, Open Range, Horseback Riding

If you are a horse lover, history buff, or just want to have an incredible experience of a lifetime – this is your place! Not your typical nose to tail ride – but an authentic ride with Cowgirls and Cowboys, across our thousands of acres of Texas Land, located on the rim of exquisite Palo Duro Canyon! We are also conveniently located for travelers who are traveling Route 66 and I-40.

Los Cedros Cowgirls
  • We ride at beautiful Los Cedros Ranch- located on the rim of breathtaking Palo Duro Canyon- site of game-changing, historical events of the Old West.
  • Our staff of Cowgirls and Cowboys are highly knowledgeable and experienced – they are the real deal!
  • Our ranch offers stunning views and a variety of terrains and skills for every rider’s experience level.
  • Our horses are American Quarter Horses and working cattle horses, well-mannered & healthy!
  • Our horse tack and other equipment is of the highest quality. Most are custom made Oliver’s Saddles*. (*Oliver’s Saddle Shop is located in Amarillo, Texas and is the oldest family owned saddlery in Texas -they are incredible and welcome you to stop in their shop and watch them make saddles!)
  • We offer horseback rides for guests 3 years old, and above.  (Children under 7 can ride with our wranglers on “buddy saddles”)


We are mindful of our area temperatures, and offer riding experiences year round* – weather permitting, of course. We know when temperatures are safe and comfortable for riding. Our Palo Duro Canyon ranch offers a variety of terrains and wind breaks that provide protection – even on windy days. So don’t worry – if you want to ride, we offer many dates and times for you to ride!

Check the preferred date for your ride, and then select from the options for our popular rides:

Horseback Riding Experience

This ride is designed for folks who want to hear a bit of history and to see beautiful views of the canyon breaks and Palo Duro Canyon. With instruction and saddling – approximately 1.5 hours in the saddle. *This is our most popular ride.

$139.00 Per person
plus Texas State Tax

Sunset Horseback Riding Experience

This beautiful ride is the best of our 2 hour horseback riding experience and is only available during select dates in late summer, fall, and spring!
Enjoy riding our incredible horses, on our incredible Texas ranch, in the coolness of the evening – as the sun goes down. An unforgettable experience!

$139.00 Per person
plus Texas State Tax

Family Horseback Riding Experience

This is our most gentle ride and designed for families with small children. With instruction and saddling – there is approximately 40 minutes in the saddle.

* must have 3 or more people

$119.00 Per person
plus Texas State Tax


Horseback Riding Experience

(This ride is not available on our roster, but must be booked personally by Miss Phyl.)  Please email, text, or call for this.

This is a true historic and western experience, with approximately 2.75 hours in the saddle. This ride is designed for experienced riders, celebrating couples, and people who want to experience a little more of everything in the saddle and in The West. After your ride, you will receive a $20 gift certificate to The Big Texan for a meal or shopping in the gift shop…your choice. The extras are absolutely worth it!

$209 Per person
plus Texas State Tax

We also take special requests! Let us know what you are wanting and we will do our best to accommodate you! Email Phyllis for further information.

Your safety and enjoyment is our first priority

Cowgirls and Cowboys in the West maintains a safety-first policy. We want your riding experience to be enjoyable and memorable.
For safety and courtesy of others, we strictly maintain the following Ranch Rules:

  1. Be timely for your ride. (which is 15 minutes prior to your scheduled ride!)  Because your ride will be scheduled for a certain time frame, your time in the saddle will be cut short to accommodate your tardiness. If you are over 15 minutes late, we will leave the barn and you will not be provided a refund. Allow 30 minutes travel time from most Amarillo hotels and 40 minutes from Canyon.
  2. Wear proper attire. No shorts, capris, tank tops, or inappropriate riding shoes. Because we are on a ranch in brushy terrain, it is important that you wear long sleeves shirt (preferably cotton) and denim, or cotton pants. Leather soled, cowboy boots are preferred. If you must wear rubber soled shoes, please make sure that the soles are not thicker than 1/2 inch to fit into the stirrups. No flip flops or athletic “glove shoes” are allowed. Hats are allowed if tight to your head or with chin straps.  Flying hats can scare horses.  Wear jackets if the weather is appropriate, but if you need to take your jacket off during the ride, have a Wrangler help you.  Your attire is critically important to your safety!
  3. Ride with courtesy and safety. Our Cowgirls and Cowboys are skilled horsemanship professionals. They know riding, horses, and the ranch. They will provide you with horsemanship instructions and give you a glimpse into the world of a Cowboy, Cowgirl, Cow Horses, Cattle – and the History West. We know our horses, we know the land, and we know riding for safety. Please make sure that you listen, and comply with our instruction. We reserve the right to send you “back to the barn” if you pose a threat to yourself, the other riders or horses with your attitude or actions. (it’s only happened a couple of times, but we feel the need to let you know upfront)
  4. Children must be 7 and older to ride individually.
  5. For smaller children, we offer buddy saddle riding with your group.
  6. We do not allow double riding.
  7. For your safety and the safety of our horses there is a weight limit of 250 lbs. per rider.
  8. Absolutely inform us of any special needs individuals that will be participating in the rides- we may need to make special provisions.
  9. Tardy riders will be charged – even if you are late and cannot ride, so plan ahead, and be timely!
  10. Cameras and Photos. Cameras are allowed on ride, as are cellphones for taking photographs – No talking on the phone or texting while riding!  Now that’s just silly!

Buddy Saddle

Buddy Saddle riding is available for children under 6 years old

We reserve the right to modify any ride to accommodate skill levels of riders, weather, and land conditions.

Rated #1 on Tripadvisor for Amarillo activities.

**Cowgirl Fitness Tip: 250 calories are burned for every hour of general horseback riding. Gotta Love it!

* Due to weather and family enjoyment, we do close during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year holidays.

Contact us at or (806) 672-9256

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